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Question 1 out of 4: Have you ever shopped at Walmart?


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The final question: Would you recommend Walmart to your friends and family?


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Josh Capsis

Awesome page. Thanks.

Like · Comment·34 · Just now

Nicole Blackwell

At first I thought it was a joke, but I just received mine #legit forwarded this to my friends so they can get one as well lol

Like · Comment· 34 · Just now

Andrea Cole

This is great! I have never won anything!!!

Like · Comment· 8 · Just now

Kenneth Young

I love deals like this!

Like · Comment· 31 · Just now

Andy Harper

Just got a call that I've won, I'm so happy!

Like · Comment· 100 · Just now

Melissa Rispin

Participated 5 days ago and won, thanks so much guys!

Like · Comment· 52 · Just now

Rosemary Beckett

Got my gift card by email today. Thanks guys (Is it possible to ge t1 more?) :)!

Like · Comment· 35 ·

Hazel Basson

Damnit haven't won anything :(

Like · Comment· 45 ·

Daniella Graham

Any more surveys I can do?

Like · Comment· 10 ·

Tina Edwards

Have you ever seen anything like this? just when today looked to be a bad day I got this amazing deal!

Like · Comment· 13 ·

Lucas Drever

Winner, winner chicken dinner!

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